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Mossiur Rahman Riyad Founder & CEO

Dear Partners and Colleagues,

We happen to live in a challenging and uncertain era. Nevertheless, a strong wind of change that can blow away a few flags can also fill the sails and set ships in motion. The need for quick adaptation prompts us to handle problems in a faster and more cost-saving way, discover new markets, invent innovative profit generation and introduce new kinds of customer relationships.

Happily, we can rise to these challenges with the help of modern digital technologies. On the one hand, these mature technologies are powerful enough to tackle most practical tasks. On the other hand, they have become widely available to everybody, not only to the largest and wealthiest businesses, as it used to be not so long ago.

In my opinion, PROFICIENCY IN THE USE OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES to address customers’ challenges in an ever-changing and unpredictable environment is Againsoft’s main competitive edge. This know-how includes two components: technology expertise and industry experience. Indeed, we have been accumulating expertise for 5+ years in the market, and enhancing it with mergers with and acquisitions of specialized companies.

Industry experience means that our profound knowledge of real problems faced by customers extends to manufacturing, finance, public sector, retail, and dozens of other industries—and we have learned best practices to deal with them all.

We understand full well that a good IT partner must be 100% reliable and act in a prompt and flexible fashion. At this point, Againsoft’s second advantage, HIGH OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY, comes to the fore. It is enabled by world-class professional management, special efforts to maintain financial resilience, and automation of business processes.

The third advantage of our company is versatility. We do not only supply our customers with any IT products and services available on the market but also build SOPHISTICATED SOLUTIONS WITH HIGH INTELLECTUAL VALUE ADDED.

A SERVICE-ORIENTED BUSINESS MODEL is another advantage. We can provide almost all IT components as a service. Subscriptions make the most powerful and advanced information technologies available to everyone and ensure complete control over and predictability of IT expenses.

I am confident that our understanding of the «right» approach to IT goes well beyond merely solving the technical problems of our customers to create opportunities for innovation and new growth. The list of our clients includes leading market players, government agencies, medium and small businesses—and all of them have a good reason to trust us with challenging and expensive projects.

Welcome to Againsoft. We are here to help you succeed.

Mossiur Rahman Riyad

Founder & CEO