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Incepted in 2017, Again Software Solution (Againsoft) is the largest eCommerce site devleopment, dynamic webiste, software & web application solution provider company in Bangladesh. We offer a comprehensive and integrated business software suite with E-commerce site development, Point of Sale (POS) , Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting & Inventory, Invoice & Billing Software, ERP, Hospital Information Management System, Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, School Management, Mobile Application, etc. which is fully developed on the latest Technology, for on-premise or on cloud installation.
Our service aims to streamline and simplify your operations, cutting down on expenses while boosting productivity and improving your bottom line. It has expertise enhanced by 6+ years of experience which provides an extensive range of products and services. Our development team consists of experienced and qualified System Analysts, Application Developers, Database Administrators, Programmers, Support Engineers, SEO Expert, Quality Assurance engineers, testers, etc. It's earned a reputation for innovation and excellence in both development and design.
Againsoft specializes in the development of custom eCommerce site design and module development. The company's diverse technical expertise and its commitment to superior delivery technologies have positioned us as a leading company in the software industry.


To provide growing retail and software-related businesses, superior active performance, and sales development, through the most affordable and practical technology solutions.


Innovation and distinction in the development and execution of end-to-end technology solutions for a global marketplace and also stronger local presence as well, without compromising on quality and courtesy


We are highly sensitive to client-specific requirements. Over years of communication with our customers. We have shown the ability to react quickly and to adjust to any changes or additions

We help build your business

Againsoft Data Systems Limited gives you everything you need to run your business smoothly. We make it easier to sell to customers and keep them happy with the best service. Choose the right software from us for your business type and get real-time insights into trends and data to grow your business.


Our software is furnished with strong reporting efficiency to assist managers seeing data in real time. Reports is the main strength of our products. Your data has no value unless you get the view you want, we have different types of reports in our software. Additionally, we can offer you with different or specific reports according to your needs, specific for your business, having your custom fields. We will do the reports as per your requirements such as products, customers, suppliers, sales, purchases, profits, discounts, balance sheets and many more. Our software also shows reports in 2D and 3D graphical illustration of your data, including pie chart, bar graph, stacked column,

90% Complete (Development)
85% Complete (Support)
80% Complete (Scalable)
70% Complete (Cost)